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An AIDC’s transformation story.


(Automatic Identification and Data Capture)

Scope of Work:

Brand strategy
Visual identity
Responsive web design
Content strategy

The Challenge

While working with VantageID on other projects, we learned this was a company full of great people who really know their stuff — the kind of company customers are looking to work with.

But there was an issue.

The branding was outdated and unclear. The website had grown over time to be slow to load and difficult to maintain and manage. Not to mention, it was in need of a modern redesign.

Unfortunately, this was all part of the first impression presented to potential customers.

And when the competition is just a click away, people have little patience for brands and websites they don’t immediately find credible.

Before & After

We created a plan to change how VantageID presented themselves, and in turn, how they would be perceived in their market.

Our Approach

The plan included a branding overhaul, rebuilding the website from scratch, and developing a content strategy to grow the site over time.


We know that our clients understand their businesses better than anyone. So why would we perform vital strategy work in the background? Our process is always collaborative — and we think it shows!

After an in-depth discovery phase where we gathered the necessary background info, we began exploring ideas with our client. Once we were  confident that we had several strong directions to try, we got to work creating concepts, color palettes, and typographic styles. Chucking out stacks of “what were we thinking?” attempts as we went, we ended up with a handful of solid concepts ready to reveal.

During a collaborative design meeting with our client we picked apart our concepts and ended up with a logo that incorporated elements from multiple designs. For the color palette, we went with a more sophisticated version of the original VantageID blue — in part to help maintain some familiarity for their partners and customers.


Rubik Regular

Rubik Medium – Uppercase

Fira Sans Light

Color Palette



VantageID logo with tagline - outlined version
VantageID logomark - outlined version

The direction we ended up going ties in the business name via a somewhat abstract owl — known for sight and wisdom. It also supports the new tagline we helped brainstorm: See it all. Track it all.


Responsive. Easy to navigate. Informative. These are the minimum requirements for a website if you want to enhance credibility and make a proper first impression.

To ensure a sleek and modern feel, we used subtle animation, bold sans serif type, high-contrast hover states, carefully-selected photography, and a clean layout complete with simple geometric patterns.

Our information architecture divided the site into digestible sections with obvious entry points throughout. Generous linking within pages makes it easy to jump around the site when you want to learn more about a topic.

The many details we obsess over probably wouldn’t be noticed on their own. But when you combine them you end up with a product that feels polished, bespoke, and professional.


Optimized for Mobile

The days of building websites for desktop browsing are long behind us. Our sites adapt to any screen size, adjusting the flow of content and features depending on the available screen real estate. Users will enjoy a similar but enhanced experience designed specifically for the device they’re viewing on.

VantageID mobile views - layered

Identity Package

Business cards, letterhead, social media banners, and email signatures are all opportunities to repeatedly get your brand in front of your target audience.

We created a system that uses brand design elements across multiple assets and mediums — to make sure the branding is both memorable and consistent.



The goal for the copy on the VantageID site was to communicate the value they add, beyond the hardware they sell. In a world where buyers can one-click purchase products on Amazon, it’s no longer enough to showcase products and talk about your business. You need to clearly communicate your value.

We worked alongside our client to plan and then edit the new website copy. In our experience, there’s no substitute for a key member of your team working through the copy. We’re then best leveraged to edit it down, clarify key points, and add some SEO magic.

Content Strategy

One of the long-term goals for the website was to generate more traffic through organic search.

We started by creating a content strategy that would direct our future SEO tactics. This included keyword research, an on-page audit and recommendation list, and a content plan that would generate traffic from new search terms.

Beyond just generating new traffic, we want to grow the site into an authority in the space. Taking this approach, you’ll start to see your organic search traffic grow while at the same time causing visitors to see you as a domain expert — before they even speak with you.

Website Engagement


Time Users Spend On Site Increase

Website Speed


Website Load Time Improvement

Time Savings


Less Time Adding Site Content

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You know that item you purchased and wondered how you ever lived without it? The one where if you were on Naked and Afraid, you might consider replacing the knife or firestarter with it? That’s our S’more Brands.

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Director of Business Development, VantageID