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Lemon Wing

Look as good as the work you do.



Scope of Work:

Brand strategy
Visual identity
Responsive web design

The Challenge

Amy and her team create amazing images for their clients. But the branding and website were done on a tight budget and failed to reflect the value clients could expect.

This was a big problem.

Lemon Wing looked just like all the other photography studios out there. But trust me, there’s nothing average about the work they do, or the crazy vibrant personality of the owner!

Our task was to transform the Lemon Wing visuals and website into an accurate reflection of the company.

We started by creating the brand strategy that would drive this project — and help Lemon Wing remain on-brand into the future.

Our Approach

The plan included a branding overhaul and rebuilding the website from scratch.


We don’t pretend to know a client’s business better than they do. That’s why we work right alongside them as we develop the strategy and then the designs. To kick things off, we created a number of logo concepts that we revealed during our Brand Camp session. Oh, in case I didn’t mention it, everything you see on this page was completed in just one full-day client meeting!

The colors had to be bright. If you ever meet Amy, you’ll understand why. After that, we had a number of concepts we put together based on everything we planned out during our strategy phase. The result? The hardest decision Amy had to make was deciding which logo she liked best. We love it when that happens. 


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Color Palette







Lemon Wing logo - outlined version
Lemon Wing logomark

In the end, we went with a strong logo mark that combined two elements we learned had a special significance to the owner and also tied in to the business name.


Great work doesn’t give your crappy website a pass.

It’s easy to buy a website template and slap in your best photos. That’s why everyone does it. But when you craft a meticulous brand identity and then build your website to support it, you quickly become the obvious choice for your ideal clients.

Sure, Lemon Wing does a lot of amazing weddings. But Amy and her team love doing ultra-creative conceptual shoots and some pretty unique and intense skydiving services. This had to be highlighted in a way that showed potential clients all the possibilities while still showcasing their ability to pull off more traditional events.

Like any other photography website we design, the work takes the front seat. Everything we do is done to highlight the photography, the client’s needs, and the brand. Lemon Wing’s new website is no exception.

Lemon Wing website homepage design



Optimized for Mobile

The days of building websites for desktop browsing are long behind us. Our sites adapt to any screen size, adjusting the flow of content and features depending on the available screen real estate. Users will enjoy a similar but enhanced experience designed specifically for the device they’re viewing on.

Lemon Wing mobile views - layered

Identity Package

Business cards, letterhead, social media banners, and email signatures are all opportunities to repeatedly get your brand in front of your target audience.

We create a system that uses your design elements across multiple assets and mediums — to make sure your branding is both memorable and consistent.

Lemon Wing thank you card context example

The Impact

Quantifying a rebrand can be tricky. In the case of Lemon Wing, the transformation was drastic and immediate. The owner had a fresh new enthusiasm for her business and was eager to start sharing it with the world. Beyond the increased traffic and lead conversions, a confidence boost can be an incredibly valuable benefit for a small business.

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Being a part of Brand Camp is a lot like being in a nexus of awesome.

Amy Anderson

Owner, Lemon Wing