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A sexy solution to a painful problem.


E-commerce (Fashion)

Scope of Work:

Brand refresh
Visual identity
Responsive web design
Content strategy
Marketing & consulting

The Challenge

The Bandelettes® web presence was ready for a professional design and a branding refresh. The old website was based on a commercial theme lacking in sophistication and the branding was inconsistent. This detracted from the genius solution this company’s founders had brought to market.

How you look matters.

Seeing a lot of opportunities for improvement, we moved forward refreshing the branding and designing a custom website. More on that in a bit.

Once those foundational design items were in place, we set our focus on attracting more traffic and converting more of those visitors into customers.

A big focus during this project was identifying the key metrics where small improvements, combined together, would have a very significant impact on revenue. When we audit your e-commerce site, we’ll identify the “low hanging fruit” and attack those items first, just like we did for Bandelettes®.

Before & After

The Bandelettes Story is what entrepreneurship is all about. Identify a big problem, create an awesome solution, and then work your butt off getting the word out.

Our Approach

The plan included a branding refresh, rebuilding the e-commerce website from scratch, and developing a content strategy to grow the site over time.


The Bandelettes® logo mark was already a recognizable part of the brand. So the decision was made to leave it in place and to upgrade the logo’s typography. The previous logo had a number of typographic variations that were used in different places, preventing the brand from having one consistent identifying mark. That was about to change!

Once the logo mark was finalized, we created a fresh new color palette and typographic system to go along with it. From there we created new graphics for social media platforms, online ads, and various other formats.

Bandelettes logo


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Color Palette




E-commerce websites have one primary goal: sales. To ensure the goal of increasing the site’s conversion rate was achieved, we started with a ton of research.

We learned what the ideal Bandelettes customer looked like, the pain points they’re looking to solve, and the reasons they would choose Bandelettes over a competitor.

This was tricky. Because Bandelettes Thigh Bands are a patented new product without direct competition.

Optimized for Mobile

The days of building websites for desktop browsing are long behind us. Our sites adapt to any screen size, adjusting the flow of content and features depending on the available screen real estate. Users will enjoy a similar but enhanced experience designed specifically for the device they’re viewing on.

Bandelettes mobile views - layered

Seasonal Promotions

We’ve continued to create seasonal email campaigns for the Bandelettes customer list as well as paid media advertising to introduce new customers to the brand.



Communicating the value of a new product category is challenging. Consumers need to be educated on whether the product is a good match for them, get their concerns addressed, and understand why this option is better than the old solutions.

To accomplish all that we had to write the Bandelettes content from scratch. We consistently used friendly body-positive messaging that we decided would best resonate with the target market and was in alignment with the founders’ mission.

While we focused on the copy quite a bit, we also kept it as short as possible. Casual shoppers don’t want to read a wall of text. So, we let the images speak whenever possible.

Content Strategy

You may be aware that to compete in search you need to produce content and post it to your website regularly. But doing so without a strategy is going to make that road a lot longer and difficult to navigate.

So we created a comprehensive content strategy that would not only help us plan the initial website copy, but direct the content efforts far into the future.

A big piece of the strategy revolved around posting ongoing content to the blog. And I’m happy to report that  by closely sticking to our content plan we’ve more than doubled the site’s already impressive organic traffic in just one year.

Website Traffic


Google Search Traffic Increase

Website Speed


Website Load Time Improvement

Website Conversions


Sales Conversion Rate Increase

Bandelettes logo shopping bag context example

The Impact

The end result is a polished and consistently presented brand that instills confidence in the company and the product. The shopping experience improved immensely, showing a 53% improvement in conversion rate the very first month after launch. And it’s not like we did anything revolutionary that any other company couldn’t imitate. We simply did all the important things well — turns out that means a lot.

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They not only always provide quick solutions to our problems, but come up with awesome creative ideas to help us grow the business.

Julia and Rena, founders of Bandelettes®

Julia & Rena

Founders, Bandelettes