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How would you like a top-producing salesperson who never complains or makes excuses… and happily works for less than minimum wage? Meet your new hire – a S’more Brands website!

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The Most Expensive Website…


…is the one you’ve stopped investing in. Consider the cost of having a less than optimal website. Your marketing campaigns aren’t as effective. You lose sales opportunities. Not to mention, recruiting employees becomes more difficult.

On the other hand, a well thought out site with a great user experience can make everything you do easier and more effective. 

We help successful businesses make their websites their most profitable marketing asset.

Are you a Solopreneur or small team on a tighter budget? Take a look at Brand Camp to see how we can elevate your brand and website in (almost) no time!

Here’s What You Can Expect


Careful Planning

Without a clear understanding of where you want your business to go, we couldn’t help you build your primary marketing asset. Project plans are created under the direction of the founder and senior creatives.

Amazing Design

Our designs are made by designers — not coders who dabble in design. Remember, people make all kinds of assumptions about a business based on design. Let’s make sure they’re making the right assumptions about yours.

Efficient Code

Not all code is created equal. Ours happens to be reviewed by Erik, the incredibly OCD-about-code founder. If it’s not easy to read, scalable, and maintainable, it won’t ship.

Mobile Friendliness

People visit websites on their phones more often than on a computer. So, every website we launch has been optimized to work nicely on modern mobile devices — and look great too!

Rock-Solid Hosting

We’re not a hosting company… but you still need hosting. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best WordPress hosting company in the business. Don’t worry, we’ll still handle all the setup for you.

Ongoing Maintenance

As you know, stuff eventually breaks. We’re here to support your business in the long-term. You can choose a cost-effective monthly maintenance plan, or just hire us to help if you need it.

What Makes Us Different?


The strategy and direction of your project is always handled by senior level marketing, design, and technology talent. 

Your work is never outsourced overseas. And you’ll never be asked to approve anything we wouldn’t be confident using in our own business.

Recent Projects

Each project starts from a blank slate. Everything we do is done with intention to support the strategy we developed with you.


See the transformation of Bandelettes. This project includes a completely custom e-commerce site built in WooCommerce.

Small Business

Spring Lake Manor needed an elegant new face on the internet that reflected the experience guests receive at their highly-rated historic venue.


Lemon Wing’s owner is a fine art photographer with a vibrant personality. Her old site failed to show that, see what we did!

our Process


It’s mission-critical that we have a strong understanding of how your business works, your goals, and your customers. Because we’re not here to take shots in the dark. The design and function of your site will support what our research and meeting with you uncovers in this phase.


Your business is unique in a lot of ways. So before jumping head-first into design, we need a plan. Here we answer the big questions, for example… What’s the appropriate user experience? What are the key features that are going to drive conversions? 


Think of wireframes as a blueprint for your website. They aren’t particularly pretty, but they show where everything’s going and how users will navigate through your content. They help ensure all the business requirements are met before we get lost in making everything look great.



This is where it all comes together and you see what your website is going to look like. Your designer will work closely with you until they’ve fully captured the look and feel that’s a perfect fit for your business.


We start from a solid WordPress foundation that’s going to allow you to manage your site with ease. Then our developers build out all the custom functionality we defined earlier. And finally, we develop your front-end theme to look just like the designs you approved in the previous step.



This stuff is complicated! So we don’t just ship it out once everything looks good. We perform careful testing on a multitude of different computers, tablets, and phones. And we make sure your functionality is bug-free by testing for every scenario. Then, we give you access to do your own testing!

Go Live!

By this time you should be totally excited about getting your website online — I know we will be! First, we get you or your team trained up on how to manage the site. And then, it’s time to let our baby out into the world! After launch we’ll be here to make sure everything’s running smoothly for you.

support service

We’d hate to build you an awesome website without knowing it’s going to be kept in tip-top shape!  It’s our baby, after all.

So, every website we launch is eligible for our premium support packages. 

Support packages ensure your website is always running free of errors, loads quickly, and remains secure from hackers. We also store frequent backups for you on off-site secure servers.

As an added bonus, you’ll get priority access anytime you need us. Need a quick postcard designed for next week’s campaign? We’ll fast-track it for you!

Support clients can also enjoy 10% off our hourly rate for web development, design, or marketing consulting services.


Erik is in the business to see his clients succeed.

Kyle Wrightenberry, CEO
Health Fair Connections, Inc.

…not just always provides solutions to our problems but offers awesome creative ideas…

Rena & Julia

…creative, professional and a pleasure to work with…

Dan Vishny, CEO
Red Ape Cinnamon, LLC

…great to work with and they have incredible design sense…

Bill Kolbenschlag
ProBiz Communications

Being a part of Brand Camp is a lot like being in a “nexus of awesome”.

Amy Anderson
Lemon Wing

S’more Brands was able to articulate new ways to generate revenue.

Amy Anderson
Lemon Wing

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