Your brand is s’more than your logo.

Your logo is an icon, a way for people to identify you.

But your brand is formed by everything you do… It’s not really a thing. It’s the idea of who your business is in the minds of your customers. The experience you provide is what forms these ideas. And that experience starts from the time a prospective customer hears your name, sees your logo, or lands on your website.

When crafted with intention, you control what people think of your brand and your business.

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Brand Refresh

When your brand strategy is sound but your visual identity has become outdated, you need a Brand Refresh. Design styles and a brand’s needs change over time. And when customers spot a stale brand, they can’t help but question what else you’re behind on.

If you haven’t revisited your visual identity or website in the last five years, there’s a good chance you’re due for a Brand Refresh.

Brand Strategy

Some businesses can become quite successful without paying much attention to their brand. The problem with that is, you have to sell and market harder to make up for the work your brand should be doing for you.

If your messaging, target markets, visual identity, and brand voice have never been defined or your strategy has since evolved, a Brand Strategy project is what you need.

We’ve Got You Covered:

A Complete Identity Package & Website

Most clients choose these custom deliverables (but we can do whatever you need):

website icon


logo icon


business cards icon

Business Cards

email signatures icon

Email Signatures

social media banners icon

Social Media Banners

letterhead icon


thank you cards icon

Thank You Cards

website content editing icon

Website Content Editing

website seo icon

Website SEO

branding guidelines icon

Branding Guidelines Docs

brand strategy icon

Brand Strategy Docs

Want to find out if a S’more Brands website project is a good fit for you?

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