Brand Camp!


Who can resist a golden brown gooey-centered marshmallow on lightly melted chocolate sandwiched between two crispy graham crackers? Pretty much no one.

The same is true of a carefully crafted brand.

“Being a part of Brand Camp is a lot like being in a nexus of awesome.

“Erik has a gift for sparking new perspective on your own business and articulating new ways to generate revenue. I dreamt about my business in new ways, and in turn, I feel rejuvenated. Lalena is a fantastic active listener and is extremely thorough in articulating your brand needs, from the look and feel to the details and layout. I am in the hands of masters. I will never go anywhere else.”

Amy Anderson

Owner, Lemon Wing

Start Here: Camp Counseling

Join us for a two hour Camp Counseling video chat where we’ll delve deep into your business. Prepare to feel reinvigorated about the possibilities as we uncover the special ingredient that will turn you into the irresistible s’more of your market!

Afterward, we’ll send you your custom Branding Survival Guide which defines your business and acts as our roadmap as we head into Brand Camp.

And Then: Brand Camp!

Now we spend an intense day together (online) as we build out all the visual elements of your brand. By the end of the day, you’ll have the perfect logo and an amazing website along with a complete print and digital identity package that includes everything you need to get your new brand out there!

Brand Camps can be completely customized to fit your needs and budget. Inquire for a quick consultation where we’ll find out what you need and get you a quote.

A professionally designed logo
Mobile-optimized website
Custom business card design
Client thank you cards
Branded social media banners
Branded email signatures
Custom Branding Survival Guide
They’ll say it isn’t possible…
But a unique combination of talents and a healthy dose of loathing for the status quo can open up new possibilities. Yes, we can do in two days what will take them three months.
Erik Schade

Erik Schade

Camp Director

Erik’s a reformed marketing agency executive and lifetime entrepreneur. Unsatisfied with agency services in general, he knew there had to be a better way. Now he loves spending his efforts helping businesses navigate the treacherous landscape of digital marketing. 

S’more Tip: Easy on the chocolate, the marshmallow should be the star of the show.

lalena gieser

lalena gieser

Chief S'moremaker

Lalena designed her first website when she was 16. Since then she’s become an unstoppable force in the small business design world. Her passion is creating memorable brand experiences that connect businesses with their ideal audiences. Oh, and she tends to be pretty silly.

S’more Tip: Be wary of chocolate bars stored in coolers just prior to s’moremaking!

Frequently Asked Questions
Can we do the branding without a new website?

Yes, the process works the same way. The big difference is that the Brand Camp workshop day will be much shorter, plan for half a day.

Of course, pricing is reduced to reflect the deliverables. 

What does Brand Camp cost?

Brand Camp was designed to be an incredibly efficient process that would allow solopreneurs or small teams the opportunity to leverage an experienced brand strategy and design team that might have previously been out of reach. Projects which follow the process necessary for larger businesses start in the low 5 figures, but Brand Camp was designed specifically to be affordable for smaller businesses or those just starting off. 

Pricing depends on the needs of your business. We’d love to discuss the details of your project and provide you a flat rate quote to build your new brand and website. Click the button on the bottom of this page and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Who is Brand Camp for?

Brand Camp is a great fit for solopreneurs or small teams with no more than 2 or 3 decision makers. This is because decisions are made in real-time, and everyone involved needs to be present for our Brand Camp workshop day (held entirely online).

If we’re redesigning an existing website, it shouldn’t have extensive custom functionality that would require a lot of extra development time. E-commerce sites are not a fit for this service. We recommend having us build websites that have eight or fewer pages during Brand Camp. However, the website will be built in a way that allows you to add on pages down the road.

Who will be involved in Brand Camp?

Brand Camp is a collaboration between your team and ours. You can have between one and three people involved on your end. All decision makers on your team will need to be present.

We’ll have a senior-level strategy and design team handling your Camp Counseling session as well as the full Brand Camp day. 

Currently, that means the owner, Erik, and lead designer, Lalena, will personally work with you to create your new brand during Brand Camp.

So, what do you need help with?

Click the button below to tell us a bit about how we can help. The S'more Brands founder, Erik, will review your request and get back to you.