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– Erik

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Brand Camp is a real-time collaborative effort between you, my lead designer, and myself.


Who’s Brand Camp for?



Founders of new businesses who haven’t defined their brand or created their visual branding

– OR –


Owners of existing businesses who are in need of a new brand strategy or visual branding refresh

– AND –


No more than two decision-makers involved in the branding process


Decisive and confident, able to provide input and approvals in real-time


Understand the value of investing to build a brand that connects with your market

About Erik Schade

About Erik Schade

Camp Director & Founder

I’m a reformed marketing agency executive. You see, I’ve been to the dark side – and didn’t like what I saw! Here’s my story.

Like most careers, it started with a couple years as a pro poker player… which turned into a poker coaching and software business. In order to grow those businesses, I had to learn marketing. Turns out, I loved it! So, in 2011, I hung up the cards, sold the software business, and focused on helping clients grow their businesses.

Since then I’ve directed a large agency, ran my own small agency, helped hundreds of entrepreneurs leverage the power of digital marketing, and launched some amazing brands. 

After all that, I have clarity. I know exactly who I want to help and how I can best do it. I’m “all-in” on Brand Camp.

We’ve created an awesome system and built a special team to give small businesses what they really need, yet struggle to find: high quality work backed by sound strategy at an affordable price.

I’d love to chat about your business – just click here to get started!

Two meetings is all it takes!


Brand Camp is an accelerated branding process that gets you up and running in just a week or two. That means you’ll be ready to start growing your business months earlier than with our competition.

We do all the legwork in the background. Then you work alongside myself and my lead designer as we develop the strategy, visual brand, and website.

Here’s how it works…


Day 1: Camp Counseling

Join us for a couple hours in a Camp Counseling video chat where we’ll delve deep into your business. Prepare to feel invigorated about the possibilities as we uncover the special ingredient that will turn you into the irresistible s’more of your market!

Afterward, we’ll send you your custom Branding Survival Guide which defines your business and acts as our roadmap as we head into Brand Camp.

Day 2: Brand Camp!

Now we spend an intense virtual day together as we build out all the visual elements of your brand. By the end of the day, you’ll have the perfect logo and an amazing website along with a complete print and digital identity package that includes everything you need to get your new brand out there!

Brand Camps can be completely customized to fit your needs and budget. Inquire for a quick consultation where we’ll find out what you need and get you a quote.

Every Brand Camp includes all this…


Survival Guide

This is where it all begins! Your custom Branding Survival Guide will cover all the important aspects of positioning your business in your market and the strategy your website and visual branding will be based on. Keep it updated as things change and use it to guide your business!


Your site will be completely customized to your new brand. Plus, you’ll be able to make updates to it whenever you want. That means you can go in and change content, update images, add pages – once we get it set up you’ll be able to do whatever you want without the need for writing any code.

Custom Logo

It’s how your business will become recognizable. By spending the time to fully understand your market and your business, we make sure your logo is a solid foundation for your brand. It’ll make you recognizable, memorable, and convey the right image for your business.

Email Signatures

Whether you email prospects, customers, vendors, employees, or all of the above, having a professional on-brand email signature is important. Not only does it give you just one more chance for an impression of your brand, but it provides all the necessary info people need to reach you.

Business Cards

Even in the days of LinkedIn and smartphones, business cards are still a vital asset for in-person meetings and events. A well-designed card boosts your credibility and makes you more memorable. It’s also great to have one on-hand for those times you happen to run into a potential prospect during your day.

Social Banners

Your business is likely to have a social media presence. By branding your social accounts with custom banners and profile images you’ll create a cohesive experience for people connecting with you or researching you online.  


If you’ll be printing documents and sharing them with your customers or your team, letterhead is a great way to enhance your professionalism and solidify your brand.

Thank You Cards

Don’t buy generic thank you cards! Integrate cards into your visual branding and use the opportunity to thank your customers  with a professional branded custom card. 

Email Lists

Email is an incredibly inexpensive way to keep in contact with your customers and prospects while driving sales. We can connect your website forms to an email automation system so you can start building this important asset from the very beginning.

Content Editing

Writing for the web is a different beast. Attention spans are short. Real short. We’ll use web copy best practices to edit your content, format it with headlines and styling cues, and make sure every page has an effective “call to action.”

On-Page SEO

Getting found in search is one of the great mysteries of modern days! You either understand it, or you don’t. We do. And we’ll structure your webpages and content in the way that works best for Google and other search engines. 

Branding Guidelines

Without documented guidelines your brand will become diluted as people start making their own design choices. This document keeps your colors, fonts, logo usage, and other assets perfectly on-brand. Anytime you work with a designer or marketer, simply send them the doc!

Plus these available addons!


Extra Webpages

Most startups are perfectly served with a 5 or 6 page website. But if you have more content to share or your product or service requires extra explanation, we can add pages to your website.


Some businesses have needs that are best served by a robust content management system. If you need the ability to build extensive future functionality, we can explore the option of building your site in WordPress.


Content Writing

Not everyone loves to write. And some of us just don’t have the time. So if you want a professional writer to put together your website copy, let us know! Our writer will interview you and write custom content to fill your site.

Marketing Plan

If you want some guidance on developing your digital marketing strategy, let me know! We’ll work out the strategy together and I’ll deliver your plan within about a week of Brand Camp ending.

Words from our clients


I enlisted S’more Brands and now all my branding on social media, my website, business cards, thank you cards… It’s constant and consistent – it’s branded. It’s “Dan Bushkin, The Brand.” 


Dan Bushkin Photography

They not only always provide quick solutions to our problems, but come up with awesome creative ideas to help us grow the business. 

Rena & Julia


Beyond the new professional website that’s already generating more traffic, I’m using the tools they trained me on to engage with my clients to capture more successful leads that are resulting in more bookings.


Ramos Studios

As a startup with limited funding, we had to be sure we made the right decision selecting a team to create our website and logo. We’re happy to say, we did! Their ability to partner with us and guide us towards the best solutions was much appreciated.


Sporting Goods Mfg.

“Being a part of Brand Camp is a lot like being in a nexus of awesome.”

Erik has a gift for sparking new perspective on your own business and articulating new ways to generate revenue. I dreamt about my business in new ways, and in turn, I feel rejuvenated. Lalena is a fantastic active listener and is extremely thorough in articulating your brand needs, from the look and feel to the details and layout. I am in the hands of masters. I will never go anywhere else.

Amy Anderson

Owner, Lemon Wing

S’more Brands Recognized as a Top PNW Creative and Marketing Firm

Clutch, the platform for vetting B2B technology and creative firms, has named S’more Brands as a top creative and marketing firm in Oregon for 2019. Yay for that!

Questions & Answers

Why do I need a strong brand?

Every business has a brand. And I’m not talking about the logo here. A brand is much more than that. It’s how your business makes people feel. And how someone feels is the majority of the reason they buy.

You can let your brand build itself over time. But we advise you to be proactive about it. Create a strategy that builds a brand to make you the obvious choice for your ideal prospects.

Strong brands convey trust and stability. They let people know if your product is budget or premium. They hint at the experience they’ll have with you. It comes down to making yourself attractive to the right people.


What are the options for building a brand?

I can think of four options to develop your new brand.

  1. Hire an agency
  2. Hire a few freelancers
  3. Do it yourself
  4. Attend our Brand Camp

Agencies are expensive. Your work is done by creatives with lower experience levels who are hopefully overseen by experienced management. Your primary contact will be a salesperson who they’ll call something fancy like “account manager” or “brand manager”.

Freelancers can be great. But finding the great ones in a sea of beginners or “artists” who can’t be bothered with a real job is not easy. For a full branding project that includes the design for digital and print, plus a new website, you’re going to need at least two freelancers (one for design, the other for website coding). Good luck getting them to work well together!

Doing it yourself is usually a bad idea. If you have a knack for this stuff you can certainly learn it, there’s plenty of free training available online. But the time investment will be huge. And, no offense, but the quality is going to suffer. I know I don’t show off any of the work I did my first year!

As for Brand Camp, all the details are on this page!

Who is Brand Camp for?

Brand Camp is a great fit for single entrepreneurs or small teams with no more than a couple decision makers. This is because decisions are made in real-time, and everyone involved needs to be present for our Brand Camp workshop day (held entirely online). Things move fast! You’ll need to be decisive as we go through the process.

If we’re redesigning an existing website, it shouldn’t have extensive custom functionality that would require a lot of extra development time. E-commerce sites are not usually a fit for this service. We’re happy to build complex sites and e-commerce sites, but they just aren’t a fit for the Brand Camp process.

You’ll also need to be willing to invest in this process, with both some time and capital. While we are affordable for small businesses, we invest a lot of time into each client. So, you should have a budget available to complete this project.


What's the S'more Brands story?

I started S’more Brands because I was sick of the way agencies handled small business accounts. Their processes are great for clients who are spending mid five figures plus per year. But smaller businesses are poorly served.

And it’s not because they don’t want to serve you. They just aren’t structured to give the proper attention to smaller accounts. That means that junior team members are usually in charge of them, and you can imagine the problems that can cause…

I came from managing a large digital agency, then started building my own… only to realize that I wanted to work with entrepreneurs, not the big businesses I’d need to work with in order to grow a healthy agency.

So, we invested a lot of time working on the problem. 

The answer was Brand Camp. A real-time collaborative design process that gets the client involved in decisions from the very beginning. It saves time, is fun, produces awesome results, and is priced at a fraction of what we’d need to charge if we used the traditional agency model.

S’more Brands is now a lifestyle business. I only take on projects I want to work on, my small team is handpicked and amazing, and we create great work for our clients at a fair price. It’s not scalable because it requires me to be intimately involved in every project – but that’s just fine with me! 


What does Brand Camp cost?

Brand Camp was designed to be an incredibly efficient process that would allow solo entrepreneurs and small teams the opportunity to leverage an experienced brand strategy and design team that might have previously been out of reach. Brand Camp was designed specifically to be affordable for these smaller businesses. 

The best way to get a price quote is to get in touch so we can create a custom quote that perfectly suits your needs! If you prefer, you can click here and complete our automated project interview to receive a rough instant estimate.

Can I review the contract?

Of course! We want to be as transparent as possible. Shoot me an email and ask for a copy, I’ll send it right over!

We’d love to add you here!


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