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Start with a brand that makes you stand out among the sea of photographers in your market. Build a website to support your brand and marketing activity. Create a funnel to provide you with a reliable source of leads. 

Problem booking enough shoots? Not anymore. 

It’s not every day you meet someone with a crazy vibrant personality and seemingly limitless creative energy. Lucky for us, we got to spend a full day with Lemon Wing’s owner, Amy, while we transformed her brand from bland to a colorful representation of her personality. From logo to print materials and website, this skydiving photographer came along for the ride and made decisions in real time while we pieced together her brand assets. Scroll through this page and see what we came up with. Then ask yourself, do you think Lemon Wing will now stand out in the crowded professional photographer marketplace?

Great work doesn’t give your crappy website a pass.

It’s easy to buy a website template and slap in your best photos. That’s why everyone does it. But when you craft a meticulous brand identity and then build your website to support it, you quickly become the obvious choice for your ideal clients.

Sure, Lemon Wing does a lot of amazing weddings. But Amy and her team love doing ultra-creative conceptual shoots and some pretty unique and intense skydiving services. This had to be highlighted in a way that showed potential clients all the possibilities while still showcasing their ability to pull off more traditional events.

Like any other photography website we design, the work takes the front seat. Everything we do is done to highlight the photography, the client’s needs, and the brand. Lemon Wing’s new website is no exception.

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our Process

Like all Brand Camps, we planned and then built the Lemon Wing brand in just two meetings.

During the first meeting, which we call Camp Counseling, we dug deep into Amy’s business. We made sense of the various services she offered, analyzed pricing and profitability, and explored new ideas. Most importantly, we got a clear picture of who she is and what she wants her business to be. Empowered with all this information, we wrote her Branding Survival Guide, which we’d use as our compass to navigate the creation of her new brand.

We spent some time behind the scenes preparing brand concepts and setting up the framework for what would become the new Lemon Wing website. And then on the final scheduled meeting, a full day workshop we call Brand Camp, we were able to start by presenting several logo concepts. There were a couple that we kicked around for a little bit, but in the end, Amy was able to make the important decision that would become the foundation of the new Lemon Wing brand.

Brand Camp went a little longer than scheduled, but everyone involved ended up being proud of what we’d accomplished. We’ve handled branding projects that spanned several months, and those projects didn’t produce better quality work than what we’re able to do now with the S’more Brands process in just a couple meetings (and a fraction of the cost).

“Being a part of Brand Camp is a lot like being in a nexus of awesome.

Erik has a gift for sparking new perspective on your own business and articulating new ways to generate revenue. I dreamt about my business in new ways, and in turn, I feel rejuvenated. Lalena is a fantastic active listener and is extremely thorough in articulating your brand needs, from the look and feel to the details and layout. I am in the hands of masters. I will never go anywhere else.

Amy Anderson

Owner, Lemon Wing

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