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Our job was to transform this party shop’s branding from bland to… well, party-like. We also built in some self-service automation that would help them book more parties!

A visual brand needs to match the personality of the business. And what better opportunity to explore some fun color options and whimsical design styles than for a party shop and event planning company?  This project was a rebranding and website redesign. We were able to start from a clean slate and produce everything from scratch – just the way we like it! We ended up building the website in WordPress, utilizing WooCommerce for a custom product catalog. Scroll through and check out some of what we delivered!

When it comes to websites, the details matter. A lot.

Did you know that it’s actually more difficult to make a website simple than complex? The easy way to create a website usually produces sites that are confusing and tricky for the end-user to navigate.

Our goal for this project was to build a custom catalog that could be maintained by the business manager and that allows users to submit their “wish list” of rental items.

The problem was, standard shopping cart checkout processes have too many steps that we didn’t need. So we carefully removed and modified functionality from the checkout process until a user could manage the entire process in just a few clicks.

When planning a website, we decide on the top 1-3 things that the website needs to do, then make those things as simple as possible to use. That’s how we make sites that people actually want to use.

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