See how we worked with Dan to take his branding from nonexistent to “unicorn oddity,” shining a light on the unique quality and adventurous spirit of his shoots and photographs. Our work was made easy by Dan’s insight into his own business: he already had the answers, they just needed to be brought out and organized into a plan. And from that plan, we designed and built his print and digital branding assets, much of which you can view as you scroll through this page.

Yes, people judge you based on how your website looks.

And whether you’re conscious of it or not, you judge businesses by their websites too. That’s why we created this unique hands-on approach to designing a website, where the client is involved in everything we do.

This project happened to be simplified by the gorgeous images Dan supplied. Sure, there’s nuance involved in designing a great website, but if you can show images that make potential clients say “I want that” and then give them an easy way to get in touch, you’re most of the way there.

A photographer’s website usually doesn’t need to do anything fancy, but it needs to do what it does in an elegant way that won’t interfere with the work—while highlighting what makes the photographer the right choice for the right client.

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Our Process
Our projects are conceived and launched in only two meetings. The first, Camp Counseling, is a 2-3 hour online meeting where we learn all about the photographer’s business. Dan’s Camp Counseling session uncovered his unique personality and the type of adventurous free spirit clients he loves to work with.

Armed with that information, we wrote up a complete Branding Survival Guide that guided the direction of his branding project. Using the guide as our roadmap, we quietly got to work developing design concepts and setting up the framework of his website.

A week later was our second and final scheduled meeting, it was Brand Camp day! Dan and the team met via video conference and hunkered down to get all the work done. We revealed our logo concepts, from which Dan was able to select the one that would lead to his new job title, “Unicorn Capturer.” Next, we focused on the website and all the other branding materials.

Dan was there the entire time, getting his portfolio images uploaded, providing feedback in real-time, and learning the ins and outs of his new website. It was an intense day, and we went a little long, but in the end, we had the brand that would help Dan stand out as the obvious choice to his ideal clients.

“If you’re lacking branding, you’ve got to contact Erik and Lalena…

Dan Bushkin

Owner, Dan Bushkin Photography

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