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We knew we were entering a market that had vastly different expectations than the company’s existing B2B customers… So, it was decided to create a sister brand that would focus on the emerging cannabis industry.

Sometimes an existing brand needs to create a sister brand in order to go after a new market. That was the case here. We were working with a long-time S’more Brands client on their core business when the opportunity to create a brand focused on servicing businesses in the Cannabis space. We’ve been wanting to dip our toes into this exciting new space for some time, so we were beyond excited for the chance to develop this new brand. Due to an upcoming opportunity, we had a very limited amount of time to get this new brand launched… luckily our unique process allows us to do great work in compressed timeframes!

A great service doesn’t give your crappy website a pass.

It’s easy to buy a website template and slap in your best photos. That’s why everyone does it. But when you craft a meticulous brand identity and then build your website to support it, you quickly become the obvious choice for your ideal clients.

In the case of Cannabis Inventory Control, we knew the website had to be seriously on-point. Their target millennial business owner demographic wouldn’t take them seriously if we slapped up a generic theme and simply adjusted the colors to match the brand.

So, we did what we do best, created a fully custom website that incorporates their brand identity throughout. And we built it using our favorite technology for marketing websites – WordPress combined with the Divi framework.


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our Process

Since this project had more stakeholders than we accept for Brand Camp projects, and was beyond the standard scope of work, we modified the system a bit to accommodate. 

During the first meeting, which we call Camp Counseling, we dug deep into the requirements of this new arm of the business. We made sense of the various services offered, analyzed product market fit, and explored new ideas.  

Empowered with all this information, we wrote up the Branding Survival Guide, which we’d use as our compass to navigate the creation of the new brand.

We spent some time behind the scenes preparing brand concepts and setting up the framework for what would become the new website. And then on the final scheduled meeting, a video conference workshop we call Brand Camp, we were able to start by presenting several logo concepts. There were a couple that we kicked around for a little bit, but in the end, we solidly decided on a single option that would become the foundation of the new brand.

About two weeks later, we had the website completed and launched on the client’s server. So, all-in we created the brand identity, website along with content, and a ton of supporting design materials in a month from our initial meeting. Not our famous week or two Brand Camp project, but it was completed before the deadline and everyone is proud of the results!

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