Unless you’ve gone through a few rebranding projects, you might not know what’s involved in a rebrand or what the price tags look like.

To start with, what’s included in a typical rebranding project?

Most projects will include:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo
  • Style Guide
  • Website
  • Business Cards & Stationary
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Email Signatures
  • Other items as needed

While the size of your business largely affects the amount you can invest, it’s not the only consideration.

A small business may have complex needs like a large website or a challenging market. While a large business could have a simple business model with basic website needs. So business size can’t be the only consideration.

As a general rule though, larger businesses are able to invest more into research and strategy development. They also tend to have more complexity like sub-brands or additional digital assets to consider.

So, while a business in the $10M range might be able to invest $60-$200K,  smaller businesses will generally invest less. I’ll give some ranges in a chart in the next section. 

The final amount you should invest comes down to the value you expect to receive from the work. 

When considering your investment in a rebrand, it’s important to factor in the expected lifespan of the project. A quality rebrand should last you five years or more.

Looking at it over the course of that five years, the cost per year quickly becomes very reasonable and an obviously high ROI activity.

Estimating Your Branding Investment

I’ve been in this business for quite awhile, so I have a good grasp on what agencies who serve SMBs charge for rebranding projects.

The wide ranges you’ll see are because each business has different needs. Bigger companies demand more research and strategy and usually require more complex websites.

So I’ll include some reasonable ranges one could expect to invest based on annual revenue.

Annual Revenue Branding Investment
$0 to $1M $5,000 to $30,000
$1M to $3M $10,000 to $50,000
$3M to $5M $15,000 to $70,000
$5M to $10M $25,000 to $120,000
$10M+ $60,000 +

Can you get it done cheaper? Absolutely. But understand that at prices lower than the starting prices in this table, you’re giving something up. That’s either going to be strategy, experience, or quality — most likely all three.

Considerations That Should Affect Your Investment in a New Brand

Are you doing a relatively simple Brand Refresh, or starting from scratch with a fresh Brand Strategy?

A Brand Refresh means you’ll be updating your visual branding — but you’ll already have the strategy in place. You know who your customers are, you know how to present your offers to them, and you have an established voice and messaging.

On the other hand, Brand Strategy projects start from the very beginning and require a significant amount more research and planning. These obviously involve larger investments.

One of the main variables in either type of branding project is the website.

  • Do you have a large site with a ton of pages?
  • Do you sell products online (e-commerce)?
  • Is there complex functionality required?

Any of these items will make your website more time consuming to plan and develop, so you should expect that to be reflected in your project cost.

Finding The Right Partner For Your Branding Project

Before you select a team to partner with on your branding project, you need to decide what you’re looking for.

If your project needs a large team to pull off a complex rebrand for your large business, you probably want to work with a big agency. They’ll have the resources demanded by clients similar to you.

Smaller to medium sized businesses have more options:

You can go with a large agency that specializes in smaller projects.

These agencies typically handle a high volume of work and leverage efficient internal processes along with junior talent to fulfill their projects. This is the usually the most expensive option.

These are large companies with significant resources. So you mitigate some risk there. On the other hand, they work with a large number of clients and your point of contact will most likely be your account rep (salesperson).

You could build your own team on a freelancing platform like Upwork.

This can work if you’re experienced at managing outsourced teams, know what to look for when hiring, and have the time to manage the project. At face value this is the cheapest option. But if you haven’t directed a branding project before, the things you didn’t even know you didn’t know can bite you in the butt.

You can work with a small team who specializes in similar projects.

Here you may work directly with senior talent and should expect highly personalized service. This is where S’more Brands falls, and we’ll be priced somewhere in the middle of the other options.

When you decide to move forward, be sure to check out the agency’s past work. You don’t have to think, “That’s exactly what I want!” But you should appreciate the quality, creativity, and attention to detail they’ve put into their work. Because what they’ve done in the past is the best indicator of the quality you’ll receive.

Get Those Sticky Fingers On Some S’more Brands Pricing

If you’re interested in learning about our pricing – thank you! It’s great to know we’ve piqued your interest.

Each project is unique. And every client has different needs and goals for their project.

So we can’t share “package pricing” but rather will create a detailed quote once we fully understand your needs.

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